10 Countries with BEST Healthcare in 2020

10. Belgium

Heath insurance in Belgium is mandatory. The Belgian federal government regulates and finances compulsory health insurance, determines accreditation, finances hospitals, legislates professional qualifications, and registers pharmaceuticals.

Regional governments are responsible for health promotion, some elderly care, hospital accreditation standards, and hospital investment.

Belgium funds their health system through social security contributions and taxation. Patients with pay for and are reimbursed for part of the cost from the sickness fund or the sickness fund pay the provider while the patient pays a co-pay.


There are a lot of ways to provide health care to citizens and residents. Interestingly, all the countries on this list have one thing in common. Insurance is mandatory and medical care is of high quality. All eleven of these countries have life expectancy rates at least ten years longer than American life expectancies.

Hong Kong probably has the type of medical insurance that most American fear, but there are ways around the constraints by government mandated insurance. And since it offers better health care than the US does, maybe it indicates that the system does work really well.