10 Countries with BEST Healthcare in 2020

2. Singapore

The city-state of Singapore has an average life expectancy of 83.1 years old. Their health care system is based on individual responsibility and affordable health care for all. Government subsidies from general tax revenue, multi-layered financing and private savings fund coverage.

Up to 80% of total costs in public hospitals and primary care clinics is covered by three savings and insurance programs. There are also for-profit insurers who supplement one of the three savings programs.

3. Switzerland

The mountainous country of Switzerland offers universal healthcare based on mandatory insurance. Each of the cantons is responsible for licensing providers, coordinating hospital services, and subsidizing institutions and individual premiums.

The federal government regulations financing through mandatory insurance and ensures pharmaceutical quality.

The Federal Health Insurance Law of 1996 strengthen equality by introducing universal coverage and subsidies for low-income households, expands benefits and ensures high standards of health services and contains the growing cost of the health system.