Top 10 Best Luxury Cars Interiors

2. Tesla Model S

It comes with an impressively huge touchscreen, which occupies most of the space at the centre console. This is undoubtedly a barrier-breaking and high-tech automobile. No engine noise can be heard at all within the cabin. The rate at which it accelerates is breath-taking. There are adequate headroom and legroom in the cabin, ensuring complete comfort for the driver and passengers. The car is relatively wide, providing adequate shoulder room for all the occupants.

1. Volvo V90

The interior of this car is special in all sense of the word, which is one of the factors that make it one of the best luxury cars in the world today. It is subtly beautiful and elegant, making driving an experience to look forward to. The body is wagon-style, which adds more space to the cabin. Its aerodynamics and agility are top class also. Regarding efficiency, the 2018 Volvo V90 is better than several other SUVs. Its versatility also outclasses that of sedan cars.

You can go for any of the luxury cars described above. Despite the high level of luxury and comfort obtainable in them, you will still find them affordable.