Never Ever Put These 15 Foods in Your Fridge

15. Stone Fruit

Stone fruit like plums, peaches, nectarines, and apricots ripen best at room temperature. It’s ideal to store them in a paper bag on the counter or in the pantry for peak flavor.

However, if your stone fruit has ripened but you can’t eat it right away, your fridge’s fruit bin will keep it from going mushy for a couple more days.


Simply keeping these items in the pantry, on the counter, or in a drawer will improve their flavor, texture, and longevity. However, chilling these foods is recommended after they have been cut or cooked.

Additionally, the fridge can preserve already-ripe fruit for a couple more days, but remember that fruit does not ripen well there. We hope this info will help you begin to enjoy your food in a way you didn’t know was possible!